Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Week 16 Weigh In

Despite aiming for a good week on plan, it didn't happen last week. On Thursday I gave myself the evening off, as my partner and I were at a doo with his work to celebrate him working for his company for fifteen years. The evening included a delicious 3 course meal, and unlimited wine, so needless to say I indulged in both! Having said that - I did make the healthiest choices for each course. I started with a red pepper and tomato soup (though the Parmesan croutons probably weren't the healthiest!), then had a steak and filled up on lots of vegetables with it, and finally had the cheese plate - where I avoided the butter completely, gave half the cheese to my partner and ate all of the grapes and celery!

I was also out on Friday night, although this time I was pleased with my behaviour! Everything I ordered was almost syn free, as I asked for lots of changes to the menu items, and whilst we were also having cocktails, I opted for one that just contained spirits and diet coke - no sugar filled mixers for me! Saturday went well too. It was my niece's third birthday, and my sister was holding a party to celebrate. I'd prepared in advance and brought syn free potato salad and syn free Indian style slaw, which meant that when the buffet appeared I had a plate full of syn free food and avoided the sausage rolls, sandwiches, etc.

However, everything had gone wrong by Sunday! There had been a major family argument on Saturday, and I'd been left feeling very upset - so turned to my old friend - comfort eating! The day began with a buttered baguette with bacon and hash browns, and then went downhill from there with more bread, cheese and crisps.

I'd got back on track yesterday, but didn't think I'd have done enough to prevent a gain, so I was very pleased with a 1lb loss this week.

Looking ahead to this week, I already know its going to be tough. I have 4 lunches out over the next 4 days, so will have to make sure I'm picking the lowest syn choices, and having syn free days the rest of the time. Its now under 2 weeks until I try on my wedding dress, and I'm determined to get my 1.5stone award by then.

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