Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Wedding Dress Countdown

I've been trying to lose weight on and off for years, and had always ended up losing a bit then gaining a bit more, however this time I've been determined to stick to Slimming World because I wanted the weight gone by my wedding in November. I'd ordered my wedding dress in March this year, shortly before I started going to Slimming World classes, and based on my measurements at the time, the dress was ordered two sizes smaller. I'd always planned on losing more than 2 sizes, and felt that the extra motivation of a too small dress would keep me going. Plus the more a dress needs to be altered the more difficult it would be.

Last week I found out my dress has arrived in the bridal shop and is ready to try on. So far I've lost 17lbs since ordering the dress, and in terms of the clothes I'm wearing I've probably dropped around 1.5 dress sizes, so I'm not too sure yet how the dress will fit. However, if it's still a little too small I know that I have more time to keep losing the weight before I need to have a final fitting. So, the first fitting is booked for Saturday 30th July, or just over 2 weeks time. In these two weeks I'm aiming to be 100% on plan, and really up my intake of speed and superspeed foods to try and get as much off as possible and feel as good as I can for that day.

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