Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Week 15 Weigh In

Yesterday I lost half a pound at weigh in - not exactly the best loss especially given that it was for two weeks, however I have been very relaxed about it. Firstly it's still half a pound in the right direction, and the equivalent to a pack of lard as someone reminded me yesterday.

Secondly, I'd had a very stressful week last week - without going into too much detail I've been trying to organise wedding things, sell my flat and job hunt all at the same time. My first flat viewing was on Sunday, so I'd spent most of the morning getting everything looking clean and perfect. I also had a job interview yesterday, so Sunday afternoon was spent doing some interview prep. All the stress and nervous anticipation led to me feeling really sick on Sunday evening, and I ended up in bed from around 7pm with no dinner. Yesterday morning I still wasn't feeling right, so again wasn't eating. Instead of losing weight when I don't eat, my body tends to hoard everything, so I don't think this helped at all for the weigh in.

Finally, I tend to limit my water intake on a Monday after lunchtime so that water doesn't show up on the scales. Yesterday, because I had a 2 hour long job interview in the afternoon, that obviously involved me talking a lot, I got through a large amount of water during the course of the interview. Again, I'm sure this didn't help when I stepped on those scales.

I'm still feeling confident, and hoping that I will get a good result on the scales next week. Its now just 4lbs to my next shiny sticker (1.5 stone), so hopefully that is firmly in my sights!

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  1. I think your doing really well, despite the various stresses you have. I hope the job interview comes back with an offer for you. I know you were disappointed not to get the last one you went for.

    Ali x