Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Week 12 Weigh In

Unusually I had felt confident about my weigh in yesterday. I'd had a good week - I'd had a few extra syns on Thursday, but had added everything up, and was easily within my syns for the week, I'd been continuing my walking and had been eating plenty of superfree foods. My clothes were also feeling a bit looser. I assumed the scales would show a good result, I'd get my stone award and be happy!

I was wrong! I stepped on the scales in class yesterday and they showed exactly the same numbers as the week before. I felt miserable. Yesterday was one of my hardest weigh in days, and after seeing the figures I really felt like giving up. However, I had to stay in class, as recently I've been helping out our consultant by weighing members whilst she is doing the new member talks. As much as I just wanted to leave class and go home via the shops for a massive bar of chocolate and packet or two of crisps, I didn't want to let the consultant down so sat and weighed everyone else. This meant I also stayed to Image Therapy and got a lot of support from the class, as I admitted that I felt like bursting into tears!

I was still in a mood when I got home, but fortunately I had already cooked a bolognaise sauce for dinner, so didn't have an excuse to hit the takeaway. I also got some amazing support from my slimming friends on Twitter, who all encouraged me to stick with it and not let one bad result ruin my good results so far. Last night I had a few glasses of wine, but didn't go as crazy as I could have done, and I've managed to get myself feeling a bit better today. The plan has been working for me, so hopefully this was just some crazy blip and next week I'll have a better result. Fingers crossed....

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