Tuesday, 14 June 2011

New Discoveries

Last weekend I'd had a day out full of food and drink, and on route home I decided there was a need to visit Tesco for some post-drinking munchies. For some reason I decided to buy sausages as well. I didn't eat them, forgot about them, then discovered them in the fridge the following day when sober and cursed myself for buying such tempting things!

After trying to resist them, I started wondering how much a sausage actually was syn-wise. The temptation was there and I wanted them badly! However, I was pleasantly surprised to discover the brand I'd bought (Tesco Finest Pork and Chilli) were only 4.5 syns each. This meant that last Tuesday night I was able to make proper bangers and mash with onion gravy for only 9 syns. It felt like such a treat, and whilst I wouldn't normally have that many syns with dinner, it really hit the spot and stopped my sausage cravings. Definitely something I will have every so often.

Another, even better, sausage discovery was also made that day. Whilst looking through the sausage syn values, I discovered that Tesco Finest Venison Sausages are only 1 syn each. I love venison anyway, and with such a low syn value I went straight out and bought some of them too, which went great with my Sunday morning Slimming World fry-up!

My third discovery this week was Cauliflower Rice - something which I saw one of the lovely ladies on Twitter mentioning. Basically it involves grating a cauliflower and microwaving it to use as a substitute for rice. It works by giving you a similar texture to regular rice, without the carbs! I was on a red day on Sunday and had some curry to use up, so decided to try the Cauli Rice, and I have to say I was very pleased with it. It is very easy to cook (even easier than regular rice), and I think I even preferred it as I felt it tasted of more than rice does. As cauliflower is a speed symbol, its definitely something else that I think will become a regular on my plate.

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