Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Week 11 Weigh In

After last week's gain I was determined to get a good loss this week and had really got right back on plan. I decided to change a couple of things as well:
  1. Melon: One of the ladies in my class has lost 4 stone in 5 months, and was asked by our consultant about her favourite speed foods. She said that she ate a lot of melon everyday, so I went to Tescos and bought 4 melons for the week, and made sure I had half of one every day. It wasn't exactly a hardship given that I love melon. I just scooped out the seeds and sat with a half melon and a spoon in front of the TV.
  2. Walking: I had an appointment last Tuesday that didn't finish until 5.15pm, and would have involved 2 bus rides to get home, lasting approximately an hour. I really didn't fancy the idea of being cooped up on a warm bus, and I was planning on doing half an hour exercise when I got home. Instead, I worked out that walking home would take me about an hour and a half - exactly the same time as the bus + exercise DVD, so decided to get the extra exercise and did the 4.5 mile walk. The walk was tiring, but I had my iPod on with some good beats and made it home in one piece, having enjoyed it. This was then followed by a further 2 walks this week - one 3.6 miles and one 3.8 miles. I've really enjoyed the walking, and hope to make it a regular thing now. Despite living in this area for 6 years, and driving past things all the time, I've started noticing new places on my travels too.
That's not to say this week was easy - I had a job interview last Thursday, which I was quite stressed about, and stress makes me crave comfort foods, which lead to me having a bit of a pig out from my fiance's biscuit tin on Friday night, along with the best part of a bottle of wine. However, I got straight back on plan on Saturday, and made sure I had less syns to combat the Friday night lapse.

And in the end, my changes this week made a difference. I stepped on the scales last night to a 3lb loss. That brings my total loss to 13.5lbs. I was disappointed that I didn't quite get the stone award last night - especially as the scales were wavering between getting it and not getting it, but I am thrilled to have had such a good loss again. I've felt that over the last few weeks my losses have been drying up, so its a great boost to be properly back on the weight loss journey, and hopefully that stone award will be mine next Monday.

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