Thursday, 30 June 2011

No Chocs July

As I've mentioned before on here, I've found the support on twitter from others losing weight to be invaluable. One of those lovely supportive people is known as @no_chocs on twitter, and has given up chocolate for the whole of this year. Earlier this month, she asked for some volunteers to join her for the month of July in giving up chocolate. Given all the support I've had from twitter, I felt I should join up and help give something back, so as of tomorrow I will not be eating any chocolate until the 1st August.

I don't tend to eat a huge amount of chocolate anyway, as crisps are a bigger weakness for me. However, I do enjoy the chocolate based hifi bars (the deluxe, the mint choc or the choc orange ones - I'm not picky!), and I do tend to have these as a HEXB choice a few days a week, so this is going to be my biggest difficulty. Last week at class I bought a pack of the lemon hifi bars to try, and although they're not as good as the chocolate ones, I did still enjoy them. I may also have a look at the Alpen Light bars to see if they have chocolate free ones that I could use instead.

If you are on twitter and want to follow my progress, and everyone else signed up for the challenge, have a search for the hashtag #nochocsjuly

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