Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Week 10 Weigh In - Gain

I was nervous going to class yesterday - it had been three weeks since my last weigh in, and in that three weeks I'd been on holiday and eaten my body weight in junk food, came back and had a few meals out plus a few drinks. However, I'd also been doing the scan bran challenge (more on that later), and started the 30 day shred so I'd hoped that these would help counteract the holiday naughtiness!

I was wrong! I got to class yesterday to find I'd gained a pound and half, and whilst I wasn't surprised I was very disappointed. Its the first gain I've had since starting going to class and it put me in a bad mood for the rest of yesterday. The gain has taken me further away from my stone award (now 3.5lbs to go), and I've also recently been reminded that my wedding is fast approaching and I really need to be losing every week if I want to be at target by then. My dress is also due into the wedding shop next month, which means I'm going to have to start thinking about trying it on, and at the moment that thought terrifies me in case its still too small.

I also logged my weight on the Slimming World website this morning, and entered my weight - my graph now looks awful. I started off really well with some great losses, and then had a few weeks of lower losses, now a gain. My predicted progress looks slow, and altogether the whole thing is a bleak picture.

So in other words I have plenty of motivation to be 100% on plan this week! I have no meals out planned this week for a change, other than dinner at my parent's house but my mum always makes sure I have syn-free options so that will help things and as should know exactly what I'm putting in my plate. I'm going to Tesco tonight to stock the fridge up, and going to plan out some new Slimming World meals this afternoon. I'm also going to keep at the exercise, and keep a food diary again. It may be a tough goal but I want my stone award next week so I really want to lose 3.5lbs - I've done it before in a week so lets hope I can do it again.

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