Monday, 23 May 2011

Week 8 - No Weigh In

I was all set to go to weigh in this evening, when I got the news that the Forth Road Bridge was closed due to high winds. My consultant lives on one side of the bridge, our class is on the other, so naturally I wondered whether the class was on. I really hoped it was for 2 reasons - I'd been relatively good most of the week, and really hoped to have lost 2lb, which would have got me my one stone award, and also because we were due to have a taster evening at class tonight and I was looking forward to getting some new recipe ideas.

Unfortunately when I spoke to my consultant on the phone, she confirmed that she was stuck on the wrong side of the bridge and the class wouldn't be on. I can't get to another class this week as there are none over the next couple of days that I can make nearby, and I'm due to fly to Amsterdam on Thursday. This means it'll now be another 2 weeks before I weigh in, as I can't make next Monday's class because of my holiday. Hopefully I'll be able to break through the stone and a bit more by that time, providing I don't go too off track when I'm away (assuming the new ash cloud doesn't stop me going!)

Good luck to everyone weighing in this week, and I hope you're not all having the same weather related problems!

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