Thursday, 19 May 2011

Twitter and Slimming World

When I started this blog, I mentioned one of the reasons I decided to join a Slimming World class rather than continue online was because I wanted some group support to help me on my journey. Since we've had our new consultant, I've felt very supported by both the consultant and the group, and the classes are starting to be what I expected when I enjoyed.

However, I've also discovered another massive source of support. That first day of class, I posted on my twitter account that I was nervous about joining a class, and since then I have been overwhelmed by the massive amount of support available on twitter at all times of the day and night. Slimming World itself has an active twitter account, and will often retweet messages from SW followers, and in fact actually told me to tell my consultant about this blog! In addition there are many other SW followers online who I now regularly tweet with for support.

The Slimming Worlders on Twitter are all very friendly and supportive - always ready with good luck messages before weigh in and well done messages after a loss or an award. They're also helpful when it comes to suggesting recipes, snacks, different meals, etc. and helping out with numbers of syns/am I doing things right type questions. In fact, I don't think I would have done as well without being able to log on at any time and know that everyone is there to support and help each other. If you have read my previous post, twitter was also how I discovered the Sugar and Spice Kits, which I'm sure will be a great tool in the next few weeks and months as I make more and more recipes.

So this post is really just a thank you to all of the lovely SW people on twitter - your support means a lot.

Finally, and completely off topic, I couldn't mention twitter without mentioning the other company I have come to know about and love through this medium - and that is Busy Bee Candles. You can't eat them, but they do smell amazing, and come in a massive variety of flavours and sizes. Their customer service via twitter is also excellent as they are always there to answer questions and help you out. If you like your candles, please have a look for them on twitter or at their website: And just to bring it back around to slimming, perhaps instead of eating the bad things you could burn them - with flavours such as Strawberries & Cream, Chocolate Fudge Brownie or Fresh Bread.

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  1. Glad your sticking to your goals with your weight Laura. Hope the house selling/hunting and all the wedding plans continue to come along for you.

    Ali x