Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Week 1 – Weigh in and thoughts

Yesterday evening saw my first weigh in and a 2lb loss, which I was pleased with. I hadn’t expected that big first week loss because I had been dieting on and off since January, plus I’d had a bad weekend with two meals out and far too much wine.

Overall I was pleased with my first week. Going to the classes has helped give me that extra motivation, as I have made better choices than I would have done in the past. On Friday I was at a charity quiz night, which involved a buffet. Our table was in the worst possible position for a dieter – right next to it, so I had to spend the entire evening looking at food that wasn’t SW friendly. However, I stood firm, and I only ate 2 small squares of cheese (as a healthy extra) and a few pickled onions!

I also surprised myself on Saturday. I was out for lunch with my fiancé and mum, and despite being tempted by some very naughty meals I opted for a penne arrabiata. When it arrived it was served with garlic bread, which was immediately offloaded onto my fiancé’s plate so that I wouldn’t be tempted. Before I would have probably just eaten the garlic bread!

However, whilst these were attempts at sticking to the SW diet, I did come undone with the wine. Friday night was pretty heavy – in fact I actually lost count – and Saturday involved wine with lunch and then later on in the evening! Sunday was also bad overall. I had dinner arranged with a few friends and ended up eating far too much – particularly the naan bread, which I know is bad, but was really tasty!

Moving on to week 2, I want to improve on my weekend performance. It’s my sister’s birthday on Saturday, which is going to involve another meal out. The main goal then is going to be to considerably cut down on the alcohol, and to continue to make sensible choices whilst out.

Good luck to everyone else weighing in this week!

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