Tuesday, 5 April 2011

RECIPE - Cheesy Potato Skins

Loaded potato skins are another of my favourite foods, and the ones I usually make are full of cream and cheese - so definitely not something I could eat regularly on SW. After a bit of experimentation I've come up with this recipe, which really satisfies me without breaking the syn bank. In fact, all it uses is one laughing cow light triangle - which I take from my healthy extra A choice.

(per potato)
1 baking potato
1 laughing cow light triangle
2 spring onions
Sprinkle ground nutmeg
1 rasher bacon

  1. Bake jacket potato in oven until cooked, and fluffy inside (normally about 1 hour depending on size)
  2. In the meantime, remove the fat from the bacon, chop into small bits and fry using frylight until crisp, then set aside.
  3. When cooked, cut potato in half and scoop out all the potato, leaving the skins intact
  4. Chop the spring onion.
  5. Mix the potato with the cheese triangle, spring onions and nutmeg. I use a food processor for this, but it does work by hand - it just takes longer (and may require a splash of milk to loosen)
  6. Stir through the bacon bits
  7. Spoon the potato mixture back into the potato skins and bake in the oven for around 10 minutes
  8. Serve with some salad

1 comment:

  1. I have never been able to get the cooked flesh out of the potato without having the skin tear and collapse on me. Ergo, I can't put it back in!