Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Week 2 Weigh In

Yesterday evening saw my second weigh in, and despite feeling positive about it, I was shocked that to find that I'd lost 3.5lbs. I was also thrilled obviously! This takes my total loss since starting classes to 5.5lbs, so I'm hoping for at least 1.5lbs this week so that I can get my half stone award at next week's class.

Looking ahead to this week, Saturday is going to be a difficult day. It's my finace's birthday next Tuesday and we are going out for lunch on Saturday to celebrate. I'm confident that I can make low-syn food choices (soup followed by steak), however our lunch deal also includes a bottle of wine. Then, on Saturday evening, I've got a night out in the pub to celebrate another friend's birthday, which will involve a few more drinks, so overall the alcohol on Saturday could be my undoing. To try and compensate I'm trying to up my exercise this week, and have started with an hour gym workout plus a 30 minute swim today, and I'm also trying to have some low syn days in the run up to the weekend. Hopefully this tactic will help me stay on track despite my planned 'bad' day.

Good luck to everyone else weighing in this week, and if anyone has any hints and tips for compensating for my bad Saturday then please let me know!

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