Monday, 11 April 2011

Week 2 Thoughts

My week 2 weigh in is fast approaching (5.30pm tonight), and I'm feeling positive. I've had a really good week, and have managed to come within my syns every day.

At home, sticking to the diet has been easy. I've been spending time cooking some good low-syn or syn free food, and have really enjoyed getting back into the kitchen again. SW chips have been a popular choice for me this week, either with an omelette or some meat and salad at lunchtimes, or as an accompaniment to a main meal. I've also experimented with herbs and spices on them, and particularly enjoying dried rosemary or cajun spices as a chip topping. My favourite meal of the week though has to be my Saturday evening rump steak, chips and salsa. My fiance couldn't believe it was 'diet' food, and we both enjoyed a really nice meal washed down with some red wine! I've also discovered the wonders of Laughing Cow Light traingles (I don't like the extra light ones). These have been delicious on toast with some tomatoes, or as a 'dip' for my chips, and being allowed 5 a day as an A choice has meant I've never had to worry about eating too much!

The biggest difference I've felt this week has been when I've been out. I had two evenings out during the week, and stuck to diet soft drinks. On Saturday I had a very busy day, which meant that I didn't have time to get home for lunch - in fact all we had time to do was pop into a newsagent and eat in the car. Normally I would have succumbed to the sandwich and crisps option, because there was very little choice of slimming friendly food. However, I managed to find a basket full of apples and bananas, and just had a few pieces of fruit for lunch.

I've also continued exercising over the last week with ten 15 minute sessions completed, from a combination of gym, zumba and walking.

Despite all this, I'm still nervous about tonight, and just hope that I've done enough to get a good loss.

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