Thursday, 31 March 2011


As well as making a firm food optimising commitment this week, I also wanted to make a firm commitment to more regular exercise, so today I rejoined the gym. It's only a 6 week membership, as we're looking to move over the next few months, and don't want to be tied to a gym that's miles away from where we live, however I'm hoping I can do a lot over the next 6 weeks, and really get my fitness levels up and some extra weight off. I'm not the most motivated person when it comes to exercise, but hopefully having paid money for it will force me to go (just as paying for classes is forcing me to stick to the diet!).

I started as I mean to go on today with 30 minutes on the cross trainer, which went by quickly with some tunes pumping through my headphones and watching the subtitled news on the TV in front of me. I also did some leg, chest and back weight machines afterwards to start building up a bit of muscle tone. Finally I had a 20 minute swim in the pool. Swimming is the one type of exercise I do really enjoy, so will normally try and fit this into my workout. There's something about it that really clears my mind!

As well as the gym, I'm wanting to do other exercise to keep my routine varied. I've been going to a zumba class since the end of last year, and absolutely love it. Its very energetic, but the two instructors make it fun as well so whilst you notice you're really working out, its easy to do. By the end of it I always feel physically exhausted but energised at the same time, and leave with a smile on my face. The only problem for me is the timing of the class - Friday evenings at 6.30pm, which is a time that's often taken over by nights out, etc. (and I'm never one to turn down a night out in favour of exercise no matter how good it is!). There are other nearby classes, but I really enjoy the class with these instructors, so don't want to change. However, the Zumba game for the wii is out tomorrow, and its already been preordered, so I'm hoping this will help me get my regular zumba fix in between classes!

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