Sunday, 11 September 2011

Weeks 22 & 23 Weigh Ins

Work has meant I’ve not had an opportunity to update this blog as often as I’d like – including the results of my last 2 weigh ins.

Unfortunately they weren’t good. Week 22 saw a loss of half a pound, and week 23 saw a gain of 2lbs. Neither was particularly unexpected. I’d been very good during week 22, having Success Express days for the beginning of the week, and then the weekend arrived, and I ate a bit of rubbish, and drank a bit more! So all in all, I had to be satisfied that I’d had any sort of loss.

Last week went even worse. It all went wrong from last Wednesday, when I went out for a curry before my monthly book group. Every day after that involved far too much naughty foods – I dread to think what the syns added up to for the week! (Well aside from a 2lb gain!)

Looking forward to my next weigh in I’m a lot more hopeful of getting rid of that 2lb gain and a little bit more. I’ve had a stomach bug since Tuesday this week, which has meant that I’ve been eating very little for the last few days, and what I have eaten has been mostly soup or mashed potato. Whilst I’m starting to get back to normal and introduce more foods, I’m not in any danger of a binge! I’ve felt terrible all week, so I’m really hoping that the silver lining of this bug will be a good weigh loss on Tuesday morning.

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