Sunday, 11 September 2011

Refusing Temptation

Yesterday I was out for a family meal. Unbeknown to me, the restaurant we went to only did high teas, which meant that as well as choosing our main course, when we got shown to our table it was filled with a plate full of delicious looking cakes and another plate full of scones with butter and jam. They also brought out toast for us. Obviously it was a dieters nightmare! To make things worse, I was sitting directly in front of the cakes!

However, I was really proud of myself. I ordered a healthy main course - venison with new potatoes and vegetables (resisting the lure of the steak pie and chips!) and I announced early on I wasn't going to have any of the cakes at all. I had a half slice of unbuttered wholemeal toast with my main course, and afterwards picked out the smallest scone to have with only jam. I ended up having a tiny bite of my nephew's cake, just so that I could try something (it was delicious), but overall I was so pleased that I resisted such huge temptation. I just kept saying to myself that I'd rather look good in my wedding dress than eat the cake!


  1. Your doing great, I think. But you need to stop putting so much pressure on yourself re: the bikini thing. Your wedding and honeymoon are supposed to be happy occasions. Steven's marrying you regardless of what your dress size.

  2. I know, but for me I want to be slimmer! And the pressure helps me avoid temptation...